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Create an OCR engine for a given language and control parameters. This can be used by the ocr and ocr_data functions to recognize text.


  language = "eng",
  datapath = NULL,
  configs = NULL,
  options = NULL,
  cache = TRUE

tesseract_params(filter = "")




string with language for training data. Usually defaults to eng


path with the training data for this language. Default uses the system library.


character vector with files, each containing one or more parameter values. These config files can exist in the current directory or one of the standard tesseract config files that live in the tessdata directory. See details.


a named list with tesseract parameters. See details.


speed things up by caching engines


only list parameters containing a particular string


Tesseract control parameters can be set either via a named list in the options parameter, or in a config file text file which contains the parameter name followed by a space and then the value, one per line. Use tesseract_params() to list or find parameters. Note that that some parameters are only supported in certain versions of libtesseract, and that invalid parameters can sometimes cause libtesseract to crash.

See also

Other tesseract: ocr(), tesseract_download()


#> # A tibble: 61 × 3
#>    param                       default    desc                                  
#>  * <chr>                       <chr>      <chr>                                 
#>  1 textord_debug_block         0          Block to do debug on                  
#>  2 devanagari_split_debuglevel 0          Debug level for split shiro-rekha pro…
#>  3 textord_debug_tabfind       0          Debug tab finding                     
#>  4 textord_debug_bugs          0          Turn on output related to bugs in tab…
#>  5 textord_testregion_left     -1         Left edge of debug reporting rectangl…
#>  6 textord_testregion_top      2147483647 Top edge of debug reporting rectangle…
#>  7 textord_testregion_right    2147483647 Right edge of debug rectangle in Lept…
#>  8 textord_testregion_bottom   -1         Bottom edge of debug rectangle in Lep…
#>  9 textord_debug_pitch_test    0          Debug on fixed pitch test             
#> 10 textord_debug_pitch_metric  0          Write full metric stuff               
#> # ℹ 51 more rows