This method plots either daily time series data from HYDAT or realtime data from the datamart. These plots are intended to be convenient and quick methods to visualize hydrometric data.

# S3 method for hy
plot(x = NULL, ...)

# S3 method for realtime
plot(x = NULL, Parameter = c("Flow", "Level"), ...)



Object created by either a hy_daily_* or realtime_dd data retrieval function


passed to plot()


Parameter of interest. Either "Flow" or "Level". Defaults to "Flow".

Methods (by class)

  • realtime: plot.realtime


if (FALSE) { # One station fraser <- hy_daily_flows("08MF005") plot(fraser) } if (FALSE) { # One station fraser_realtime <- realtime_dd("08MF005") plot(fraser_realtime) }