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Options for tiler package.





a list of options.


The function prints all set options if called with no arguments. When setting options, nothing is returned.


On Windows systems, if the system paths for python.exe and OSGeo4W.bat are not added to the system PATH variable, they must be provided by the user after loading the package. It is recommended to add these to the system path so they do not need to be specified for every R session.

As long as you are using OSGeo4W, you can ignore the Python path specification and do not even need to install it on your system separately; OSGeo4W will use its own built-in version.

The recommended way to have GDAL available to Python in Windows is to install OSGeo4W. This is commonly installed along with QGIS.

By default, tiler_options() is set on package load with osgeo4w = "OSGeo4W.bat". It is expected that the user has added the path to this file to the system PATH variable in Windows. For example, if it is installed to C:/OSGeo4W64/OSGeo4W.bat, add C:/OSGeo4W64 to your PATH. If you do want to specify the path in the R session using tiler_options(), provide the full path including the filename. See the example.

None of this applies to other systems. As long as the system requirements, Python and GDAL, are installed, then tile() should generate tiles without getting or setting any tiler_options().


#> $python
#>            python3 
#> "/usr/bin/python3" 
#> $osgeo4w
#> [1] ""
tiler_options(osgeo4w = "C:/OSGeo4W64/OSGeo4W.bat")