Given a text or vector/list of texts, break the texts into smaller segments each with the same number of words. This allows you to treat a very long document, such as a novel, as a set of smaller documents.

chunk_text(x, chunk_size = 100, doc_id = names(x), ...)



A character vector or a list of character vectors to be tokenized into n-grams. If x is a character vector, it can be of any length, and each element will be chunked separately. If x is a list of character vectors, each element of the list should have a length of 1.


The number of words in each chunk.


The document IDs as a character vector. This will be taken from the names of the x vector if available. NULL is acceptable.


Arguments passed on to tokenize_words.


Chunking the text passes it through tokenize_words, which will strip punctuation and lowercase the text unless you provide arguments to pass along to that function.


if (FALSE) { chunked <- chunk_text(mobydick, chunk_size = 100) length(chunked) chunked[1:3] }