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All functions

wm_attr_aphia() wm_attr_aphia_()
Get AphiaIDs by attribute definition ID
wm_attr_category() wm_attr_category_()
Get attributes grouped by a CategoryID
wm_attr_data() wm_attr_data_()
Get attribute data by AphiaID
wm_attr_def() wm_attr_def_()
Get attribute definition by ID
wm_children() wm_children_()
Get children for an AphiaID
wm_classification() wm_classification_()
Get classification for an AphiaID
wm_common_id() wm_common_id_()
Get vernacular names from an AphiaID
wm_distribution() wm_distribution_()
Get distribution data by AphiaID
wm_external() wm_external_()
Get an external ID via an AphiaID
wm_id2name() wm_id2name_()
Get taxonomic name for an AphiaID
wm_name2id() wm_name2id_()
Get AphiaID from a taxonomic name
wm_ranks_id() wm_ranks_name()
Get taxonomic ranks by their identifier
wm_record() wm_record_()
Get complete AphiaRecord for an AphiaID
wm_record_by_external() wm_record_by_external_()
Get record by external ID
wm_records_common() wm_records_common_()
Get records by vernacular name, optional fuzzy matching
Get records by date
Get records by single name, optional fuzzy matching
Get records for onen or more taxonomic name(s)
Get AphiaRecords for a given taxonRankID
Get records for onen or more taxonomic name(s) using the TAXAMATCH fuzzy matching algorithm
wm_sources() wm_sources_()
Get sources for an AphiaID
wm_synonyms() wm_synonyms_()
Get synonyms for an AphiaID
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