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R package containing the data for the Database of Odor Responses. The corresponding functions package can be found at

The DoOR Project

Find more information, precompiled R-packages and a interactive web-version of the DoOR-Database at:


Either download a packaged version or install via devtools: ```{r} # install devtools install.packages(“devtools”) library(devtools)

install 2.0.1

install_github(“ropensci/”, ref=“v2.0.1”)

or install the latest version available on Github

install_github(“ropensci/”) ```


DoOR was first published in 2010, the OpenAccess publication is available from

An OpenAccess publication regarding the comprehensive update to DoOR version 2.0 is available from A preprint of manuscript related to DoOR 2.0 can be found at bioRxiv: