Adam H Sparks, Tomislav Hengl and Andrew Nelson (2017). GSODR: Global Summary Daily Weather Data in R. The Journal of Open Source Software, 2(10). DOI: 10.21105/joss.00177

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  • Adam H. Sparks. Author, maintainer.

  • Tomislav Hengl. Author.

  • Andrew Nelson. Author.

  • Hugh Parsonage. Copyright holder, contributor.

  • Taras Kaduk. Contributor.
    Suggestion for handling bulk station downloads more efficiently

  • Gwenael Giboire. Contributor.
    Several bug reports in early versions and testing feedback

  • Łukasz Pawlik. Contributor.
    Reported bug in windspeed conversion calculation

  • Ross Darnell. Contributor.
    Reported bug in 'Windows OS' versions causing 'GSOD' data untarring to fail

  • Tyler Widdison. Contributor.
    Reported bug where `nearest_stations()` did not return stations in order of nearest to farthest