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Add namespaces and their prefixes as a named vector of URIs, with the names being the prefixes. Namespaces have most relevance for meta objects' rel and property, and for embedded XML literals.


add_namespaces(namespaces, nexml = new("nexml"))



a named character vector of namespaces


a nexml object. will create a new one if none is given.


a nexml object with updated namespaces


The implementation attempts to avoid duplication, currently using the prefix. I.e., namespaces with prefixes already defined will not get added. Namespaces needed by the NeXML format, and for commonly used metadata terms, are already included by default, see get_namespaces().


Often a user won't call this directly, but instead provide the namespace(s) through add_meta().


## Write multiple metadata elements, including a new namespace:  
website <- meta(href = "", 
                rel = "foaf:homepage")     # meta can be link-style metadata
modified <- meta(property = "prism:modificationDate",
                 content = "2013-10-04")
nex <- add_meta(list(modified,  website), 
                namespaces = c(foaf = ""))
                # prism prefix already included by default

## Add namespace "by hand" before adding meta:
nex <- add_namespaces(c(skos = ""),
                      nexml = nex)
history <- meta(property = "skos:historyNote",
                content = "Mapped from the bird.orders data in the ape package using RNeXML")
nex <- add_meta(history, nexml = nex)