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This function is no longer required by current versions of the eBird Basic Dataset (EBD).


auk_clean(f_in, f_out, sep = "\t", remove_text = FALSE, overwrite = FALSE)



character; input file. If file is not found as specified, it will be looked for in the directory specified by the EBD_PATH environment variable.


character; output file.


character; the input field separator, the basic dataset is tab separated by default. Must only be a single character and space delimited is not allowed since spaces appear in many of the fields.


logical; whether all free text entry columns should be removed. These columns include comments, location names, and observer names. These columns cause import errors due to special characters and increase the file size, yet are rarely valuable for analytical applications, so may be removed. Setting this argument to TRUE can lead to a significant reduction in file size.


logical; overwrite output file if it already exists.


If AWK ran without errors, the output filename is returned, however, if an error was encountered the exit code is returned.

See also

Other text: auk_select(), auk_split()


if (FALSE) {
# get the path to the example data included in the package
f <- system.file("extdata/ebd-sample.txt", package = "auk")
# output to a temp file for example
# in practice, provide path to output file
# e.g. f_out <- "output/ebd_clean.txt"
f_out <- tempfile()

# clean file to remove problem rows
# note: this function is deprecated and no longer does anything
auk_clean(f, f_out)