If a filename is set to an empty string, to indicate a certain log file need not be created, this (non-)filename will not be returned.




one MCMC. Use create_mcmc to create an MCMC. Use create_ns_mcmc to create an MCMC for a Nested Sampling run. Use check_mcmc to check if an MCMC is valid. Use rename_mcmc_filenames to rename the filenames in an MCMC.


mcmc <- create_mcmc()
mcmc$tracelog$filename <- "/home/john/trace.log"
mcmc$screenlog$filename <- "/home/john/screen.log"
mcmc$treelog$filename <- "/home/john/tree.log"

# 3 filenames
filenames <- get_mcmc_filenames(mcmc)

# If there is no need to write to the screenlog file ...
mcmc$screenlog$filename <- ""

# 2 filenames
# ... one file less will be created
filenames <- get_mcmc_filenames(mcmc)