bib2df - Parse a BibTeX file to a tibble

Everyone writing reports and articles with LaTeX has probably used BibTeX before. BibTeX is the de facto standard for reference management and grounds its functionality on a list of references stored in local text file. Depending on the reference type, several fields are necessary to define a reference properly. An exemplary BibTeX entry looks as follows:

Parse the BibTeX file to a tibble

The BibTeX format is not convenient for any kind of analysis or visualization. Many R applications require a data.frame (or tibble) and bib2df offers a straightforward framework to parse a BibTeX file to a tibble.

The df2bib() function makes it possible to write this tibble back to disk, enabling programmatic manipulation of a .bib file.


The latest version of bib2df can be installed from GitHub using devtools::install_github():


Version 1.1.1 is now available on CRAN:

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