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Extract date-time limits from trip database


bike_datelimits(bikedb, city)



A string containing the path to the SQLite3 database. If no directory specified, it is presumed to be in tempdir().


If given, date limits are calculated only for trips in that city.


A vector of 2 elements giving the date-time of the first and last trips


if (FALSE) {
data_dir <- tempdir ()
bike_write_test_data (data_dir = data_dir)
# dl_bikedata (city = 'la', data_dir = data_dir) # or some real data!
# Remove one London file that triggers an API call which may fail tests:
file.remove (file.path (tempdir(),
bikedb <- file.path (data_dir, 'testdb')
store_bikedata (data_dir = data_dir, bikedb = bikedb)
# create database indexes for quicker access:
index_bikedata_db (bikedb = bikedb)

bike_datelimits ('testdb') # overall limits for all cities
bike_datelimits ('testdb', city = 'NYC')
bike_datelimits ('testdb', city = 'los angeles')

bike_rm_test_data (data_dir = data_dir)
bike_rm_db (bikedb)
# don't forget to remove real data!
# file.remove (list.files ('.', pattern = '.zip'))