Check whether files in database are the latest published files




A string containing the path to the SQLite3 database. If no directory specified, it is presumed to be in tempdir().


A named vector of binary values: TRUE is files in bikedb are the latest versions; otherwise FALSE, in which case store_bikedata could be run to update the database.


if (FALSE) { data_dir <- tempdir () bike_write_test_data (data_dir = data_dir) # or download some real data! # dl_bikedata (city = 'la', data_dir = data_dir) # Remove one London file that triggers an API call which may fail tests: file.remove (file.path (tempdir(), "01aJourneyDataExtract10Jan16-23Jan16.csv")) bikedb <- file.path (data_dir, 'testdb') store_bikedata (data_dir = data_dir, bikedb = bikedb) # bike_latest_files (bikedb) # All false because test data are not current, but would pass with real data bike_rm_test_data (data_dir = data_dir) bike_rm_db (bikedb) # don't forget to remove real data! # file.remove (list.files (data_dir, pattern = '.zip')) }