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Extract summary statistics of database





A string containing the path to the SQLite3 database. If no directory specified, it is presumed to be in tempdir().


A data.frame containing numbers of trips and stations along with times and dates of first and last trips for each city in database and a final column indicating whether the files match the latest published versions.


if (FALSE) {
data_dir <- tempdir ()
bike_write_test_data (data_dir = data_dir)
# dl_bikedata (city = "la", data_dir = data_dir) # or some real data!
# Remove one London file that triggers an API call which may fail tests:
file.remove (file.path (tempdir(),
bikedb <- file.path (data_dir, "testdb")
store_bikedata (data_dir = data_dir, bikedb = bikedb)
# create database indexes for quicker access:
index_bikedata_db (bikedb = bikedb)

bike_summary_stats ("testdb")

bike_rm_test_data (data_dir = data_dir)
bike_rm_db (bikedb)
# don't forget to remove real data!
# file.remove (list.files (".", pattern = ".zip"))