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We love pull requests from everyone. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by our code of conduct.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account. If you are not familar with git and GitHub, take a look at to get started.

  • Submit a post for your issue, assuming one does not already exist.

    • Clearly describe your issue, including steps to reproduce when it is a bug, or some justification for a proposed improvement.
  • Fork the repository on GitHub to make a copy of the repository on your account. Or use this line in your shell terminal:

    git clone

Making changes

  • Edit the files, save often, and make commits of logical units, where each commit indicates one concept
  • Follow a good style guide.
  • Make sure you write good commit messages.
  • Make sure you have added the necessary tests for your code changes.
  • Run all the tests using devtools::check() to assure nothing else was accidentally broken.
  • If you need help or unsure about anything, post an update to your issue.

Submitting your changes

Push to your fork and submit a pull request.

At this point you’re waiting on us. We like to at least comment on pull requests within a few days. We may suggest some changes or improvements or alternatives.