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get_c14data() allows to download source databases and adjust their variables to conform to the definition in the variable_reference table. That includes renaming and arranging the variables (with c14bazAAR::order_variables()) as well as type conversion (with c14bazAAR::enforce_types()) -- so all the steps undertaken by as.c14_date_list().
All databases require different downloading and data wrangling steps. Therefore there's a custom getter function for each of them (see ?get_all_dates).

get_c14data() is a wrapper to download all dates from multiple databases and c14bazAAR::fuse() the results.


get_c14data(databases = c())



Character vector. Names of databases to be downloaded. "all" causes the download of all databases. get_c14data() prints a list of the currently available databases


if (FALSE) {
 get_c14data(databases = c("adrac", "palmisano"))