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Search for clifro stations based on name, region, location or network number, and return a cfStation object.


  search = c("name", "region", "network", "latlong"),
  combine = c("all", "any"),
  status = c("open", "closed", "all")



arguments to pass into the search, these differ depending on search.


one of name, network, region or latlong indicating the type of search to be conducted.


cfDatatype object for when the search is based on datatypes.


character string "all" or "any" indicating if the stations contain all or any of the selected datatypes for when the search is based on datatypes.


character string indicating "open", "closed" or "all" stations be returned by the search.


cfStation object


The cf_find_station function is a convenience function for finding CliFlo stations in R. It uses the CliFlo Find Stations page to do the searching, and therefore means that the stations are not stored within clifro.

If datatype is missing then the search is conducted without any reference to datatypes. If it is supplied then the search will only return stations that have any or all of the supplied datatypes, depending on combine. The default behaviour is to search for stations based on pattern matching the station name and return only the open stations.

If the latlong search type is used the function expects named arguments with names (partially) matching latitude, longitude and radius. If the arguments are passed in without names they must be in order of latitude, longitude and radius (see examples).


Since the searching is done by CliFlo there are obvious restrictions. Unfortunately the pattern matching for station name does not provide functionality for regular expressions, nor does it allow simultaneous searches although clifro does provide some extra functionality, see the 'OR query Search' example below.

See also

cf_save_kml for saving the resulting stations as a KML file, cf_station for creating cfStation objects when the agent numbers are known, vignette("choose-station") for a tutorial on finding clifro stations and vignette("cfStation") for working with cfStation objects.


if (FALSE) {
# Station Name Search ------------------------------------------------------
# Return all open stations with 'island' in the name (pattern match search)
# Note this example uses all the defaults

island_st = cf_find_station("island")

# Region Search ------------------------------------------------------------
# Return all the closed stations from Queenstown (using partial matching) = cf_find_station("queen", search = "region", status = "closed")

# Long/Lat Search ----------------------------------------------------------
# Return all open stations within a 10km radius of the Beehive in Wellington
# From Wikipedia: latitude 41.2784 S, longitude 174.7767 E = cf_find_station(lat = -41.2784, long = 174.7767, rad = 10,
                             search = "latlong")

# Network ID Search --------------------------------------------------------
# Return all stations that share A42 in their network ID = cf_find_station("A42", search = "network", status = "all")

# Using Datatypes in the Search --------------------------------------------
# Is the Reefton EWS station open and does it collect daily rain and/or wind
# data?

# First, create the daily rain and wind datatypes
daily.dt = cf_datatype(c(2, 3), c(1, 1), list(4, 1), c(1, NA))

# Then combine into the search. This will only return stations where at least
# one datatype is available.
cf_find_station("reefton EWS", datatype = daily.dt)  # Yes

# OR Query Search ----------------------------------------------------------
# Return all stations sharing A42 in their network ID *or* all the open
# stations within 10km of the Beehive in Wellington (note this is not
# currently available as a single query in CliFlo).

cf_find_station("A42", search = "network", status = "all") +
cf_find_station(lat = -41.2784, long = 174.7767, rad = 10,
                search = "latlong")

# Note these are all ordered by open stations, then again by their end dates