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Save cfStation object information to a KML file.


cf_save_kml(station, file_name = "my_stations_", file_path = ".")



cfStation object containing one or more stations


file name for the resulting KML file


file path for the resulting KML file


The cf_save_kml function is for cfStation objects to allow for the spatial visualisation of the selected stations. The resulting KML file is saved and can then be opened by programs like Google Earth (TM). The resultant KML file has the station names and locations shown with green markers for open and red markers for closed stations. The agent numbers, network ID's and date ranges are contained within the descriptions for each station.

If no file name is specified, unique names are produced in the current R working directory.


The .kml suffix is appended automatically if it isn't already present in the file_name argument.

See also

cf_station and vignette("cfStation") for working with stations when the agent numbers are known, otherwise cf_find_station and codevignette("choose-station") for creating cfStation objects when the agent numbers are unknown.


if (FALSE) {
# A selection of four Auckland region stations down the East Coast to the
# upper Waitemata Harbour; Leigh 2 Ews, Warkworth Ews, Tiri Tiri Lighthouse
# and Henderson
my.stations = cf_station(17838, 1340, 1401, 12327)

# Save these stations to a KML file

# Double click on the file to open with a default program (if available). All
# the markers are green, indicating all these stations are open.

# Where is the subscription-free Reefton Ews station?
cf_save_kml(cf_station(), file_name = "reeftonEWS")

# It's located in the sou'west quadrant of Reefton town, in the upper, western
# part of the South Island, NZ.

# Find all the open and closed Christchurch stations (using partial matching) = cf_find_station("christ", status = "all", search = "region")

# How many stations in total?

# Save all the Christchurch stations
cf_save_kml(, file_name = "all_Chch_stations")