This function deletes files. Use at your own risk. Destroys the .drake/ cache and the report.Rmd file in the current working directory. Your working directory (getcwd()) must be the folder from which you first ran load_mtcars_example() and make(my_plan).




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if (FALSE) { isolate_example("Quarantine side effects.", { if (suppressWarnings(require("knitr"))) { # Populate your workspace and write 'report.Rmd'. load_mtcars_example() # Get the code: drake_example("mtcars") # Check the dependencies of an imported function. deps_code(reg1) # Check the dependencies of commands in the workflow plan. deps_code(my_plan$command[1]) deps_code(my_plan$command[4]) # Plot the interactive network visualization of the workflow. outdated(my_plan) # Which targets are out of date? # Run the workflow to build all the targets in the plan. make(my_plan) outdated(my_plan) # Everything should be up to date. # For the reg2() model on the small dataset, # the p-value is so small that there may be an association # between weight and fuel efficiency after all. readd(coef_regression2_small) # Clean up the example. clean_mtcars_example() } }) }