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Overview of search functions


Elasticsearch search APIs include the following functions:

  • Search() - Search using the Query DSL via the body of the request.

  • Search_uri() - Search using the URI search API only. This may be needed for servers that block POST requests for security, or maybe you don't need complicated requests, in which case URI only requests are suffice.

  • msearch() - Multi Search - execute several search requests defined in a file passed to msearch

  • search_shards() - Search shards.

  • count() - Get counts for various searches.

  • explain() - Computes a score explanation for a query and a specific document. This can give useful feedback whether a document matches or didn't match a specific query.

  • validate() - Validate a search

  • field_stats() - Search field statistics

  • percolate() - Store queries into an index then, via the percolate API, define documents to retrieve these queries.

More will be added soon.