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Outputs a data frame of category type ids, their name (along with a short name)


category_types(proxy_settings = fingertips_proxy_settings(), path)



string; whether to use Internet Explorer proxy settings "default" or "none". Setting this manually will decrease runtime; default determined automatically.


String; Fingertips API address. Function will default to the correct address


A data frame of category type ids and their descriptions

See also

indicators for indicator lookups, profiles for profile lookups, deprivation_decile for deprivation decile lookups, area_types for area type lookups, indicator_areatypes for indicators by area types lookups, indicators_unique for unique indicatorids and their names, nearest_neighbours for a vector of nearest neighbours for an area and indicator_order for the order indicators are presented on the Fingertips website within a Domain

Other lookup functions: area_types(), deprivation_decile(), indicator_areatypes(), indicator_metadata(), indicator_order(), indicators_unique(), indicators(), nearest_neighbours(), profiles()


if (FALSE) { # \dontrun{
# Returns the deprivation category types
cats <- category_types()
cats[cats$CategoryTypeId == 1,]} # }