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Outputs a data frame allocating deprivation decile to area code based on the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) produced by Department of Communities and Local Government


  Year = 2019,
  proxy_settings = fingertips_proxy_settings(),



Integer value; this function uses the IndicatorIDs 91872, 93275 and 93553, please use the indicator_areatypes() function to see what AreaTypeIDs are available


Integer value, representing the year of IMD release to be applied, limited to 2015 or 2019


string; whether to use Internet Explorer proxy settings "default" or "none". Setting this manually will decrease runtime; default determined automatically.


String; Fingertips API address. Function will default to the correct address


A lookup table providing deprivation decile and area code


This function uses the fingertips_data function to filter for the Index of multiple deprivation score for the year and area supplied, and returns the area code, along with the score and the deprivation decile, which is calculated using the ntile function from dplyr

See also

indicators for indicator lookups, profiles for profile lookups, indicator_metadata for the metadata for each indicator, area_types for area types and their parent mappings, category_types for category lookups, indicator_areatypes for indicators by area types lookups, indicators_unique for unique indicatorids and their names, nearest_neighbours for a vector of nearest neighbours for an area and indicator_order for the order indicators are presented on the Fingertips website within a Domain

Other lookup functions: area_types(), category_types(), indicator_areatypes(), indicator_metadata(), indicator_order(), indicators_unique(), indicators(), nearest_neighbours(), profiles()


if (FALSE) {
# Return 2019 deprivation scores for Sustainability and Transformation Footprints
deprivation_decile(120, 2019)}