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Example Tabular Data Package with dummy camera trap data organized in 3 Data Resources:

  • deployments: data stored in deployments.csv.

  • observations: data stored in observations_1.csv and observations_2.csv, but referenced as URLs.

  • media: data stored in data property.




An object of class list of length 9.


if (FALSE) {
# example_package.rda was created with the code below.
# Note that it must be created using a URL, otherwise all Data Resource paths
# will point to local paths that won't work for other users.
# One can load locally using:
# read_package(
#   system.file("extdata", "datapackage.json", package = "frictionless")
# )
example_package <- read_package(file.path(
save(example_package, file = "data/example_package.rda")