Get remote tracking branch, given a local branch.

branch_get_upstream(branch = NULL)



The branch


git_branch object or NULL if no remote tracking branch.


if (FALSE) { ## Initialize two temporary repositories path_bare <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-") path_repo <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-") dir.create(path_bare) dir.create(path_repo) repo_bare <- init(path_bare, bare = TRUE) repo <- clone(path_bare, path_repo) ## Config user and commit a file config(repo, = "Alice", = "[email protected]") ## Write to a file and commit lines <- "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do" writeLines(lines, file.path(path_repo, "example.txt")) add(repo, "example.txt") commit(repo, "First commit message") ## Push commits from repository to bare repository ## Adds an upstream tracking branch to branch 'master' push(repo, "origin", "refs/heads/master") ## Get remote tracking branch branch_get_upstream(repository_head(repo)) }