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Find path to repository for any file


discover_repository(path = ".", ceiling = NULL)



A character vector specifying the path to a file or folder


The default is to not use the ceiling argument and start the lookup from path and walk across parent directories. When ceiling is 0, the lookup is only in path. When ceiling is 1, the lookup is in both the path and the parent to path.


Character vector with path (terminated by a file separator) to repository or NULL if this cannot be established.


if (FALSE) { # \dontrun{
## Initialize a temporary repository
path <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-")
repo <- init(path)

## Create a user and commit a file
config(repo, = "Alice", = "")
lines <- "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do"
writeLines(lines, file.path(path, "example-1.txt"))
add(repo, "example-1.txt")
commit(repo, "First commit message")

## Create a second file. The file is not added for version control
## in the repository.
dir.create(file.path(path, "example"))
file_2 <- file.path(path, "example/example-2.txt")
writeLines("Not under version control", file_2)

## Find the path to the repository using the path to the second file

## Demonstrate the 'ceiling' argument
wd <- workdir(repo)
dir.create(file.path(wd, "temp"))

## Lookup repository in 'file.path(wd, "temp")'. Should return NULL
discover_repository(file.path(wd, "temp"), ceiling = 0)

## Lookup repository in parent to 'file.path(wd, "temp")'.
## Should not return NULL
discover_repository(file.path(wd, "temp"), ceiling = 1)
} # }