Lookup one object in a repository.

lookup(repo = ".", sha = NULL)



a path to a repository or a git_repository object. Default is '.'


The identity of the object to lookup. Must be 4 to 40 characters long.


a git_blob or git_commit or git_tag or git_tree object


if (FALSE) { ## Initialize a temporary repository path <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-") dir.create(path) repo <- init(path) ## Create a user and commit a file config(repo, user.name = "Alice", user.email = "[email protected]") lines <- "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do" writeLines(lines, file.path(path, "example.txt")) add(repo, "example.txt") commit_1 <- commit(repo, "First commit message") ## Create tag tag(repo, "Tagname", "Tag message") ## First, get SHAs to lookup in the repository sha_commit <- sha(commit_1) sha_tree <- sha(tree(commit_1)) sha_blob <- sha(tree(commit_1)["example.txt"]) sha_tag <- sha(tags(repo)[[1]]) ## SHAs sha_commit sha_tree sha_blob sha_tag ## Lookup objects lookup(repo, sha_commit) lookup(repo, sha_tree) lookup(repo, sha_blob) lookup(repo, sha_tag) ## Lookup objects, using only the first seven characters lookup(repo, substr(sha_commit, 1, 7)) lookup(repo, substr(sha_tree, 1, 7)) lookup(repo, substr(sha_blob, 1, 7)) lookup(repo, substr(sha_tag, 1, 7)) }