Apply a single stashed state from the stash list and remove it from the list if successful.

stash_pop(object = ".", index = 1)



path to a repository, or a git_repository object, or the stash object to pop. Default is a path = '.' to a reposiory.


The index to the stash to pop. Only used when object is a path to a repository or a git_repository object. Default is index = 1.


invisible NULL


if (FALSE) { ## Initialize a temporary repository path <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-") dir.create(path) repo <- init(path) # Configure a user config(repo, = "Alice", = "[email protected]") # Create a file, add and commit writeLines("Hello world!", file.path(path, "test.txt")) add(repo, 'test.txt') commit(repo, "Commit message") # Change file writeLines(c("Hello world!", "HELLO WORLD!"), file.path(path, "test.txt")) # Create stash in repository stash(repo) # Change file writeLines(c("Hello world!", "HeLlO wOrLd!"), file.path(path, "test.txt")) # Create stash in repository stash(repo) # View stashes stash_list(repo) # Read file readLines(file.path(path, "test.txt")) # Pop latest git_stash object in repository stash_pop(stash_list(repo)[[1]]) # Read file readLines(file.path(path, "test.txt")) # View stashes stash_list(repo) }