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A message is emitted if the container key already exists.


docdb_create(src, key, value, ...)



Source object, result of call to any of functions src_mongo(), src_sqlite(), src_elastic(), src_couchdb() src_duckdb() or src_postgres()


(character) The name of the container in the database backend (corresponds to collection for MongoDB, dbname for CouchDB, index for Elasticsearch, and to a table name for DuckDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL)


The data to be created in the database: a single data.frame, a JSON string, a list, or a file name or URL that points to NDJSON documents


Passed to functions sofa::db_bulk_create(), elastic::docs_bulk(), and mongolite::mongo()$insert()


(integer) Number of successfully created documents


An error is raised for document(s) in value when their _id already exist(s) in the collection key; use docdb_update() to update such document(s).


If value is a data.frame that has a column _id, or is a JSON string having a key _id at root level, or is a list having an item _id at its top level, this will be used as _id's and primary index in the database. If there are no such _id's in value, row names (if any exist) of value will be used as _id's, otherwise random _id's will be created (using uuid::UUIDgenerate() with use.time = TRUE for SQLite and PostgreSQL, or using DuckDB's built-in uuid()).


if (FALSE) {
src <- src_sqlite()
  key = "diamonds_small",
  value =[1:3000L, ])
head(docdb_get(src, "diamonds_small"))
docdb_create(src, key = "contacts", value = contacts)
docdb_get(src, "contacts")[["friends"]]