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Complements the databases' native query and filtering functions by using jqr::jqr(). If query = "{}" and neither fields nor listfields is specified, runs docdb_get().


docdb_query(src, key, query, ...)



Source object, result of call to any of functions src_mongo(), src_sqlite(), src_elastic(), src_couchdb() src_duckdb() or src_postgres()


(character) The name of the container in the database backend (corresponds to collection for MongoDB, dbname for CouchDB, index for Elasticsearch, and to a table name for DuckDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL)


(character) A JSON query string, see examples. Can use comparisons / tests ($lt, $lte, $gt, $gte, $ne, $in, $regex), with logic operators ($and, $or, (, )), including nested queries, see examples. $regex is case-sensitive.


Optional parameters:

  • Specify fields as a JSON string of fields to be returned from anywhere in the tree, or to be excluded from being returned, e.g. fields = '{"nameOfMy.SubFieldToInclude:" 1, "_id": 0}' and see examples. If fields is not specified, the complete JSON document is returned. For src_postgres(), only fewer than 50 fields can be requested to be returned by the function.

  • Specify limit (integer) for the maximum number of documents to be returned. If NULL or not set (default), 10,000 for Elasticsearch and all documents for MongoDB, SQLite, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, and DuckDB.

  • Specify listfields = TRUE to return just the names of all fields, from all documents or from the maximum number of documents as specified in limit.


Data frame with requested documents, may have nested lists in columns; NULL if no documents could be found. If listfields is specified: a vector of all field names in dot path notation.


A dot in query or fields is interpreted as a dot path, pointing to a field nested within another, e.g. in the example.


if (FALSE) {
src <- src_sqlite()

docdb_create(src, "myKey", mtcars)
docdb_create(src, "myKey", contacts)
docdb_create(src, "myKey", mapdata)

docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"mpg":21}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"mpg":21, "gear": {"$lte": 4}}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"mpg":21}', fields = '{"_id":0, "mpg":1, "cyl":1}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"_id": {"$regex": "^.+0.*$"}}', fields = '{"gear": 1}')

docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"$and": [{"mpg": {"$lte": 18}}, {"gear": {"$gt": 3}}]}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{}', fields = '{"_id":0, "mpg":1, "cyl":1}')

docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"$and": [{"age": {"$gt": 21}},
 {"": {"$regex": "^B[a-z]{3,9}.*"}}]}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"$or": [{"rows.elements.status": "OK"}, {"$and": [
 {"_id": "5cd6785325ce3a94dfc54096"}, {"": {"$regex": "^B[a-z]{3,90}.*"}}]}]}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"$and": [{"_id": "5cd6785325ce3a94dfc54096"},
 {"": {"$regex": "^B[a-z]{3,90}.*"}}]}')
docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"origin_addresses": {"$in": ["Santa Barbara, CA, USA",
 "New York, NY, USA"]}}', fields = '{"age": 1, "": 1, "_id": 0,
 "rows.elements.status": 1}')

docdb_query(src, "myKey", query = '{"rows.elements.status": "OK"}', listfields = TRUE)