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id must be of an osm_points or osm_lines object (and can not be the id of an osm_polygons object because multilines by definition contain no polygons. osm_multilines returns any multiline object(s) which contain the object specified by id.


osm_multilines(dat, id)



An object of class osmdata


OSM identification of one of more objects for which multilines are to be extracted


An sf Simple Features Collection of multilines

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if (FALSE) {
dat <- opq ("London UK") %>%
    add_osm_feature (key = "name", value = "Thames", exact = FALSE) %>%
    osmdata_sf ()
# Get ids of lines called "The Thames":
id <- rownames (dat$osm_lines [which (dat$osm_lines$name == "The Thames"), ])
# and find all multilinestring objects which include those lines:
osm_multilines (dat, id)
# Now note that
nrow (dat$osm_multilines) # = 24 multiline objects
nrow (osm_multilines (dat, id)) # = 1 - the recursive search selects the
# single multiline containing "The Thames"