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This function is used to re-download all .osm.pbf files stored in download_directory that were firstly downloaded through oe_get(). See Details.


  download_directory = oe_download_directory(),
  quiet = FALSE,
  delete_gpkg = TRUE,
  max_file_size = 5e+08,



Character string of the path of the directory where the .osm.pbf files are saved.


Boolean. If FALSE the function prints informative messages. See Details.


Boolean. if TRUE the function deletes the old .gpkg files. We added this parameter to minimize the probability of accidentally reading-in old and not-synchronized .gpkg files. See Details. Defaults to TRUE.


The maximum file size to download without asking in interactive mode. Default: 5e+8, half a gigabyte.


Additional parameter that will be passed to oe_get() (such as stringsAsFactors or query).


The path(s) of the .osm.pbf file(s) that were updated.


This function is used to re-download .osm.pbf files that are stored in a directory (specified by download_directory param) and that were firstly downloaded through oe_get() . The name of the files must begin with the name of one of the supported providers (see oe_providers()) and it must end with .osm.pbf. All other files in the directory that do not match this format are ignored.

The process for re-downloading the .osm.pbf files is performed using the function oe_get() . The appropriate provider is determined by looking at the first word in the path of the .osm.pbf file. The place is determined by looking at the second word in the file path and the matching is performed through the id column in the provider's database. So, for example, the path geofabrik_italy-latest-update.osm.pbf will be matched with the provider "geofabrik" and the geographical zone italy through the column id in geofabrik_zones.

The parameter delete_gpkg is used to delete all .gpkg files in download_directory. We decided to set its default value to TRUE to minimize the possibility of reading-in old and non-synchronized .gpkg files. If you set delete_gpkg = FALSE, then you need to manually reconvert all files using oe_get() or oe_vectortranslate() .

If you set the parameter quiet to FALSE, then the function will print some useful messages regarding the characteristics of the files before and after updating them. More precisely, it will print the output of the columns size, mtime and ctime from Please note that the meaning of mtime and ctime depends on the OS and the file system. Check


if (FALSE) {
# Set up a fake directory with .pbf and .gpkg files
fake_dir = tempdir()
# Fill the directory
oe_get("Andorra", download_directory = fake_dir, download_only = TRUE)
# Check the directory
list.files(fake_dir, pattern = "gpkg|pbf")
# Update all .pbf files and delete all .gpkg files
oe_update(fake_dir, quiet = TRUE)
list.files(fake_dir, pattern = "gpkg|pbf")}