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osmextract (development version)

osmextract 0.5.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-10


  • Fixed a bug in oe_match() that occurred every time the function found an exact match between the input place and a non-default OSM data provider (i.e. everything but Geofabrik). In those cases, the downloaded file was named as geofabrik_xyz.osm.pbf instead of differentprovider_xyz.osm.pbf. Reported by @GretaTimaite, thanks. See #246. This is a major bug and, for safety, we suggest you erase all .pbf and .gpkg files currently stored in the persistent download directory (see also oe_clean()).
  • Fixed a bug in oe_get_keys() that occurred when the value for a given key was either empty or equal to \n (#250).
  • Fixed a bug in oe_vectortranslate() that occurred when the attributes specified in the extra_tags argument included the character :. In fact, the presence of attributes like “lanes:left” always triggered the vectortranslate operations (#260).
  • We implemented a new function named oe_get_boundary() that can be used to obtain administrative geographical boundaries of a given area (#206).
  • Added a new function named read_poly() to read .poly files (#277).
  • All the databases storing the data for the supported providers were updated. For simplicity, some fields were removed from the saved objects. More precisely, we removed the columns pbf.internal, history, taginfo, updates, bz2, and shp from geofabrik_zones; last_modified, type, base_url and poly_url from bbbike_zones.
  • The function oe_match_pattern() now accepts numeric/sfc/bbox/sf inputs, following the same logic as oe_match() (#266).


  • The boundary argument can be specified using bbox objects. The bbox object is converted to sfc object with sf::st_as_sfc() and preserves the same CRS.
  • Added a more informative error message when oe_get() or oe_read() are run with empty or unnamed arguments in ... (#234 and #241).
  • The function oe_get_keys() gains a new argument named download_directory that can be used to specify the path of the directory that stores the .osm.pbf files.
  • Included a new function named oe_clean() to remove all .pbf and .gpkg files stored in a given directory. Default value is oe_download_directory().
  • Added a message to oe_download() and removed a warning from oe_read(). The message is printed every time a user downloads a new OSM extract from a certain provider, whereas the warning used to be raised when a given query selected a layer different from the layer argument (#240).
  • Added two new parameters to oe_find() named return_pbf and return_gpkg. They can be used to select which file formats should the function return (#253).
  • Added a more informative error message in case oe_download() fails, explaining that partially downloaded .pbf files should be removed to avoid problems while running other functions (#221).
  • We are experimenting with the new (i.e. third edition) features of testthat and we implemented the so-called test-fixtures to run tests in a more isolated environment (#255). This is however still experimental for us.
  • Added more informative error and warning messages to oe_get_keys() (#251).
  • The file path returned by oe_download() is specified using / instead of \\ separator on Windows.
  • oe_download() takes into account the timeout option again. Unfortunately, we forgot to adjust the code when switching from download.file to httr.
  • The oe_vectortranslate() function tries to correct the possible geometrical problem(s) of the input boundary using sf::st_make_valid().
  • Updated the geofabrik_zones database (#270).


  • Update description for boundary and boundary_type arguments.
  • The main vignette and all examples save their files in tempdir() (#247).

osmextract 0.4.1

CRAN release: 2022-08-26

Help files below man/ have been re-generated, so that they give rise to valid HTML5 (#259).

osmextract 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2021-10-27


  • Import two new packages: httr and jsonlite (#231, #232).
  • Improved the approach adopted to download files from the web. In particular, the functions oe_download() and oe_search() now take advantage of httr functionalities. They return informative messages in case of errors (#231, #232).
  • Vignettes and examples do not require internet connection.


  • Fixed a bug in oe_vectortranslate() that occurred when reading multilinestrings or other_relations layers with one or more extra tags (#229).
  • Fixed a bug in oe_get()/oe_read() that could return a warning message when reading an existing GPKG file with a query argument.


  • The duplicated fields in extra_tags are now removed before modifying the osmconf.ini file. Duplicated tags means something like extra_tags = c("A", "A") or even fields that are included by default (i.e. extra_tags = "highway" for the lines layer). See discussion in #229.

osmextract 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2021-07-27


  • Added a new (but still experimental) function named oe_get_network() to import a road network used by a specific mode of transport. For the moment, we support the following modes of transport: cycling (default), walking, and driving. Check ?oe_get_network for more details and examples (#218).



  • Slightly changed the description of the package.
  • Added a .Rd file documenting the whole package.
  • Slightly changed the description of parameter place.

osmextract 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2021-06-10


  • The oe_get_keys() function can be used to extract the values associated with all or some keys. We also defined an ad-hoc printing method and fixed several bugs. The examples were improved. Moreover, the function tries to match an input zone with one of the OSM extracts previously downloaded (#201 and #196).
  • If the parameter place represents an sf/sfc/bbox object with missing CRS, then oe_match() raises a warning message and sets CRS = 4326. This has relevant consequences on other functions (like oe_get()) that wrap oe_match().
  • Starting from sf > 0.9.8, the function oe_vectortranslate() stops with an error when there is a problem in the argument vectortranslate_options and quiet = FALSE (instead of raising a warning or crashing the R session). See here for more details.
  • The options c("-f", "GPKG", "-overwrite", "-oo", "CONFIG_FILE=", path-to-config-file, "-lco", "GEOMETRY_NAME=geometry", layer) are always appended at the end of vectortranslate_options argument unless the user explicitly sets different default parameters for the arguments -f, -oo and -lco (#200). We believe those are sensible defaults and can help users creating less verbose specifications for ogr2ogr utility.
  • We create two new arguments in oe_vectortranslate() (therefore also in oe_get() and oe_read()) named boundary and boundary_type. They can be used to create an ad-hoc spatial filter during the vectortranslate operations (and create even less verbose specifications in vectortranslate_options argument). See docs and introductory vignette for more details.
  • The argument provider was removed from oe_match_pattern() since the function automatically checks all available providers (#208).


  • The parameter force_vectortranslate is checked before reading the layers of an existing gpkg file. If force_vectortranslate is TRUE, then oe_vectortranslate() doesn’t check the existing layers. This is important for user that run oe_vectortranslate() after stopping the vectortranslate process.
  • The arguments extra_tags and osmconf_ini are not ignored when vectortranslate_options is not NULL (#182).
  • Fix the provider’s data objects for sf v1.0 (#194).


  • The arguments passed to oe_read() via ... are compared with the formals of st_read.character,, and read_sf.
  • Added a new method to oe_match for bbox objects (#185).
  • The oe_get_keys() function can be applied to .osm.pbf objects (#188).


  • Improved several examples and fixed a small bug in the documentation of oe_match().
  • Fix several typos in the vignettes and docs.


osmextract 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2021-02-15

This is a minor release.

  • We modified several examples and tests to fix several errors noticed during CRAN tests (#175).

osmextract 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2021-02-11

Published on CRAN!


  • Add a level parameter to oe_match(). It is used to choose between multiple hierarchically nested OSM extracts. The default behaviour is to select the smallest administrative unit (#160).
  • Modify the behaviour of oe_match(). The function checks all implemented providers in case the input place is not matched with any geographical zone for the chosen provider (#155).
  • Add a simple interface to Nominatim API that enables oe_match() to geolocate text strings that cannot be found in the providers (#155).


  • Normalise the paths managed by oe_download_directory and oe_download (#150 and #161)
  • oe_get_keys returns an informative error when there is no other_tags field in the input file (#158)


  • Fix the structure of geofabrik_zones object (#167)
  • Fix warning messages related to … in oe_get() (#152)


  • Simplify several warning messages in case of spatial matching
  • Simplify startup message (#156)
  • Add more details related to download timeouts (#145)
  • Documented values returned by oe_find() and oe_search()

osmextract 0.1.0

  • Finish development of the main functions
  • Submit to rOpenSci for peer-review