Generates a base OSM plot ready for polygon, line, and point objects to be overlain with add_osm_objects.

osm_basemap(bbox, structures, bg = "gray20")



bounding box (Latitude-longitude range) to be plotted. A 2-by-2 matrix of 4 elements with columns of min and max values, and rows of x and y values. Can also be an object of class sf, for example as returned from extract_osm_objects or the osmdata package, in which case the bounding box will be extracted from the object coordinates.


Data frame returned by osm_structures used here to specify background colour of plot; if missing, the colour is specified by bg.


Background colour of map (default = gray20) only if structs not given).


A ggplot2 object containing the base map.

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bbox <- get_bbox (c (-0.13, 51.5, -0.11, 51.52)) map <- osm_basemap (bbox = bbox, bg = "gray20") map <- add_osm_objects (map, london$dat_BNR, col = "gray40") print_osm_map (map)