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TreeMan equivalent to load() but able to handle node matrices.





file path


It is not possible to use save() on TreeMan objects with node matrices. Node matrices are bigmemory matrices and are therefore outside the R environment, see bigmemory documentation for more information. Saving and loading a bigmemory matrix may cause memory issues in R and cause R to crash.

This function can safely read a TreeMan object with and without a node matrix. saveTreeMan() function stores the tree using the serialization format and the node matrix as a hidden .csv. Both parts of the tree can be reloaded to an R environment with loadTreeMan(). The hidden node matrix filename is based on the file argument: file + _ndmtrx

Reading and writing trees with saveTreeMan() and loadTreeMan is faster than any of the other read and write functions.


tree <- randTree(100, wndmtrx = TRUE)
#> Note, trees with `ndmtrx` cannot be saved and loaded using `save()` or `savehistory()`. Loading from these files may cause unusual behaviour.
saveTreeMan(tree, file = "test.RData")
tree <- loadTreeMan(file = "test.RData")
file.remove("test.RData", "testRData_ndmtrx")
#> [1] TRUE TRUE