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Analyse statistics of one R package


pkgstats(path = ".")



Either a path to a local source repository, or a local '.tar.gz' file, containing code for an R package.


List of statistics and data on function call networks (or object relationships in other languages). Includes the following components:

  1. loc: Summary of Lines-of-Code in all package directories

  2. vignettes: Numbers of vignettes and "demo" files

  3. data_stats: Statistics of numbers and sizes of package data files

  4. desc: Summary of contents of 'DESCRIPTION' file

  5. translations: List of translations into other (human) languages (where provides)

  6. objects: A data.frame of all functions in R, and all other objects (functions, classes, structures, global variables, and more) in all other languages

  7. network: A data.frame of object references within and between all languages; in R these are function calls, but may be more abstract in other languages.

  8. external_calls: A data.frame of all calls make to all functions from all other R packages, including base and recommended as well as contributed packages.

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# 'path' can be path to a package tarball:
f <- system.file ("extdata", "pkgstats_9.9.tar.gz", package = "pkgstats")
if (FALSE) {
s <- pkgstats (f)
# or to a source directory:
path <- extract_tarball (f)
if (FALSE) {
s <- pkgstats (path)