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Condense the output of pkgstats to summary statistics only


pkgstats_summary(s = NULL)



Output of pkgstats, containing full statistical data on one package. Default of NULL returns a single row with NA values (used in pkgstats_from_archive).


Summarised version of s, as a single row of a standardised data.frame object


Variable names in the summary object use the following abbreviations:

  • "loc" = Lines-of-Code

  • "fn" = Function

  • "n_fns" = Number of functions

  • "npars" = Number of parameters

  • "doclines" = Number of documentation lines

  • "nedges" = Number of edges in function call network, as a count of unique edges, which may be less than the size of the network object returned by pkgstats, because that may include multiple calls between identical function pairs.

  • "n_clusters" = Number of connected clusters within the function call network.

  • "centrality" used as a prefix for several statistics, along with "dir" or "undir" for centrality calculated on networks respectively constructed with directed or undirected edges; "mn" or "md" for respective measures of mean or median centrality, and "no0" for measures excluding edges with zero centrality.

See also

Other stats: desc_stats(), loc_stats(), pkgstats(), rd_stats()


f <- system.file ("extdata", "pkgstats_9.9.tar.gz", package = "pkgstats")
if (FALSE) {
p <- pkgstats (f)
s <- pkgstats_summary (p)