prism_set_dl_dir() sets the directory that downloaded prism data will be saved to. The prism download directory is saved in the "prism.path" option.

prism_get_dl_dir() gets the folder that prism data will be saved to. It is a wrapper around getOption("prism.path") so the user does not have to remember the option name.

prism_check_dl_dir() checks that prism download folder has been set. If it has not been set, and in interactive mode, then prompt user to specify the download location. If not in interactive mode, and it has not been set, then set to "~/prismtmp".

path_check() is a deprecated version of prism_check_dl_dir().

prism_set_dl_dir(path, create = TRUE)






The path that prism data will be unzipped into.


Boolean that determines if the path will be created if it does not already exist.