prism Unreleased

In development

  • Can now download vpdmin, vpdmax, and tdmean for normals, daily, monthly, and annual data (#68)
  • get_prism_annual() and get_prism_monthlys() gain a keep_pre81_months parameter. This lets the user determine if all of the monthly and annual data are kept, since the download includes all 12 months + the annual data for years before 1981. If this is TRUE then all monthly data are kept, instead of only those that were specified in the current call to get_prism_*(). (#82)
  • Check that pre-1981 data does not exist before downloading it. To do this, prism_webservice() and prism_check() gain a pre81_months parameter, which allows the functions to know which months were requested for downloading. (#81)
  • Replacing prism_check() with prism_not_downloaded(). prism_check() is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
  • Replacing check_path() with prism_check_dl_dir(). check_path() is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
  • Added prism_set_dl_dir() as an easy way to set path and make sure it is valid.
  • get_prism_normals() will now error if neither monthly nor annual data are specified to be downloaded. (#77)
  • get_prism_normals() will now download monthly and annual data simultaneously if asked to do so. (#77)
  • all get_prism_*() functions are documented in same man page. (#79)
  • removed man pages for non-exported functions
  • more tests

prism 0.1.0 2018-12-10

Minor changes

  • New functions
  • get_prism_dailys () gains a check parameter that allows the user to specify how prism files are checked.

Bug fixes

Under the hood

  • added internal gen_dates() function for determining the specified dates (either from minDate and maxDate. or dates) used by the get_prism_*() functions.
  • added tests for gen_dates() .

prism 0.0.7 2015-11-16


  • Changed aquisition method to use prism webservice. Prior to this change the FTP aquisition method often caused the server to time out when download request volume became too high.

  • Changed method of metadata extraction. Originally we parsed XML metadata to get inforamtion about raster files. However the XML for historical data is particularly sparse. The new method relies on parsing file names instead. While more universal, it may be less stable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed FTP time out error by switching to webservice

  • Fixed prism_stack by adjusting to new metadata extraction method