All functions

get_prism_annual() get_prism_dailys() get_prism_monthlys() get_prism_normals()

Download prism data

pd_get_name() pd_get_date() pd_get_type() prism_md() pd_to_file()

Perform action on "prism data"


Get prism metadata

pd_get_station_md() get_prism_station_md()

Extract prism station metadata

pd_image() prism_image()

Quick spatial image of prism data

pd_plot_slice() prism_slice()

Plot a slice of a raster stack

pd_stack() prism_stack()

Stack prism data

prism_archive_clean() del_early_prov()

Clean the prism data by removing early and provisional data

prism_archive_ls() ls_prism_data()

List available prism data


Subsets PRISM folders on the disk

prism_archive_verify() check_corrupt()

Check the integrity of downloaded PRISM data


Check if prism files exist

prism_set_dl_dir() prism_get_dl_dir() prism_check_dl_dir() path_check()

Set, check, and get prism download directory