Creates a network diagram of coauthors' countries linked by reference This function takes an addresses data.frame, links it to an authors_references dataset and plots a network diagram generated for co-authorship.




the `address` element from the list outputted from the `authors_georef()`` function, containing geocoded address latitude and longitude locations.


## Using the output of authors_georef (e.g., BITR_geocode) data(BITR_geocode) plot_net_coauthor(BITR_geocode)
#> IGRAPH 57cc9a3 UNW- 6 9 -- #> + attr: name (v/c), label (v/c), label.color (v/c), label.cex (v/n), #> | size (v/n), frame.color (v/l), color (v/c), weight (e/n) #> + edges from 57cc9a3 (vertex names): #> [1] argentina--mexico argentina--usa australia--brazil australia--germany #> [5] australia--usa brazil --germany brazil --usa germany --usa #> [9] mexico --usa