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Plumber API to generate reports on package structure and function for the @ropensci-review-bot. The package is not intended for general use, and these documents are primarily intended for maintainers of this package, although they may serve as useful templates for similar endeavours. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Uses functionality provided by the pkgcheck and pkgstats packages. This suite of three packages requires a few system installs, two for pkgstats of ctags and GNU global. Procedures to install these libraries on various operating systems are described in the pkgstats package. This package itself also requires both the GitHub command-line-interface (cli), gh and dos2unix.

A local GitHub token also needs to be stored as an environment variable named GITHUB_TOKEN, and not GITHUB_PAT or anything else; the gh cli only recognises the former name.

The package also works by locally caching previously analysed packages, in a pkgcheck subdirectory of the location determined by


You may manually erase the contents of this subdirectory at any time at no risk.


The server associated with this package can be built by cloning this repository, and modifying the associated Dockerfile by inserting a GitHub token, and associated git config options.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this package is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.


All contributions to this project are gratefully acknowledged using the allcontributors package following the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!

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