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Either return data.frame with all results, or output a list, then call the characteristic by id (parameter = "id") or name (parameter = "characteristic").


allphenotypes(df = FALSE, ...)



Return a data.frame of all data. The column known_variations can take multiple values, so the other columns id, characteristic, and number_of_users are replicated in the data.frame. Default: FALSE


Curl options passed on to crul::HttpClient


data.frame of results, or list if df=FALSE

See also


if (FALSE) {
# Get all data
allphenotypes(df = TRUE)

# Output a list, then call the characterisitc of interest by 'id' or
# 'characteristic'
datalist <- allphenotypes()
names(datalist) # get list of all characteristics you can call
datalist[["ADHD"]] # get data.frame for 'ADHD'
datalist[c("mouth size", "SAT Writing")] # get data.frame for 'ADHD'