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This vignette provides a quick tour of the R package, describing what could be possible to do.


First you should set up your own credentials, lease read the vignette("auth", "rtweet").


Posting statuses

You can post tweets with:

tweet_post(paste0("My first tweet with #rtweet #rstats at ", Sys.time()))

Your own data

Search tweets

You can search tweets:

rstats <- tweet_search_recent("#rstats", n = 100)
tweets_peace <- tweet_search_all("peace", n = 250000, retryonratelimit = TRUE)

Get friends

Retrieve a list of all the accounts a user follows.


Get followers

If you really want all the users that follow the account we can use user_follower():

R_foundation_flw <- user_follower("1599030512919650304")

Search users

We can use user_search():

users <- user_search(c("1599030512919650304", "2244994945"))

Get timelines

Get the most recent tweets from R Foundation.

R_foundation_tline <- user_timeline("1599030512919650304")

Get favorites

Get the 10 recently favorited statuses by R Foundation.

R_foundation_favs <- user_liked_tweets("1599030512919650304")

Muting users

You can list those users muted:

um <- user_muted(user_self()$id)

Blocking users

You can block users and unblock them: