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Search for Twitter users. The Twitter API limits the results to at most 1,000 users. [Deprecated]


search_users(q, n = 100, parse = TRUE, token = NULL, verbose = TRUE)



As string providing the search query. Try searching by interest, full name, company name, or location. Exact match searches are not supported.


Desired number of results to return. Results are downloaded in pages when n is large; the default value will download a single page. Set n = Inf to download as many results as possible.

The Twitter API rate limits the number of requests you can perform in each 15 minute period. The easiest way to download more than that is to use retryonratelimit = TRUE.

You are not guaranteed to get exactly n results back. You will get fewer results when tweets have been deleted or if you hit a rate limit. You will get more results if you ask for a number of tweets that's not a multiple of page size, e.g. if you request n = 150 and the page size is 200, you'll get 200 results back.


If TRUE, the default, returns a tidy data frame. Use FALSE to return the "raw" list corresponding to the JSON returned from the Twitter API.


Use this to override authentication for a single API call. In many cases you are better off changing the default for all calls. See auth_as() for details.


Show progress bars and other messages indicating current progress?


Data frame with one row for each matching user.