Creates a ggplot2 plot of the frequency of tweets over a specified interval of time.

ts_plot(data, by = "days", trim = 0L, tz = "UTC", ...)



Data frame or grouped data frame.


Desired interval of time expressed as numeral plus one of "secs", "mins", "hours", "days", "weeks", "months", or "years". If a numeric is provided, the value is assumed to be in seconds.


The number of observations to drop off the beginning and end of the time series.


Time zone to be used, defaults to "UTC" (Twitter default)


Other arguments passed to geom_line.


If ggplot2 is installed then a ggplot plot object.


if (FALSE) { ## search for tweets containing "rstats" rt <- search_tweets("rstats", n = 10000) ## plot frequency in 1 min intervals ts_plot(rt, "mins") ## plot multiple time series--retweets vs non-retweets rt %>% dplyr::group_by(is_retweet) %>% ts_plot("hours") ## compare account activity for some important US political figures tmls <- get_timeline( c("SenSchumer", "SenGillibrand", "realDonaldTrump"), n = 3000 ) ## examine all twitter activity using weekly intervals ts_plot(tmls, "weeks") ## group by screen name and plot each time series ts_plot(dplyr::group_by(tmls, screen_name), "weeks") ## group by screen name and is_retweet tmls %>% dplyr::group_by(tmls, screen_name, is_retweet) %>% ts_plot("months") }