All functions

skim_to_wide() skim_to_list() skim_format()

Deprecated functions from skimr v1


Fix unicode histograms on Windows


Only show a subset of summary statistics after skimming

get_default_skimmers() get_one_default_skimmer() get_default_skimmer_names() get_one_default_skimmer_names() get_sfl()

View default skimmer names and functions

get_skimmers() modify_default_skimmers()

Retrieve the summary functions for a specific data type

knit_print(<skim_df>) knit_print(<skim_list>) knit_print(<one_skim_df>) knit_print(<summary_skim_df>)

Provide a default printing method for knitr.


Mutate a skim_df

partition() bind() yank()

Separate a big skim_df into smaller data frames, by type.

print(<skim_df>) print(<one_skim_df>) print(<skim_list>) print(<summary_skim_df>)

Print skim objects

repr_text(<skim_df>) repr_text(<skim_list>) repr_text(<one_skim_df>)

Skimr printing within Jupyter notebooks


Create a skimr function list

data_rows() data_cols() df_name() dt_key() group_names() base_skimmers() skimmers_used()

Functions for accessing skim_df attributes

has_type_column() has_variable_column() has_skimr_attributes() has_skim_type_attribute() is_data_frame() is_skim_df() is_one_skim_df() is_skim_list() could_be_skim_df() assert_is_skim_df() assert_is_skim_list() assert_is_one_skim_df()

Test if an object is compatible with skimr

skim() skim_tee() skim_without_charts()

Skim a data frame, getting useful summary statistics


Set or add the summary functions for a particular type of data


Skim a data frame

n_missing() n_complete() complete_rate() n_whitespace() sorted_count() top_counts() inline_hist() n_empty() min_char() max_char() n_unique() ts_start() ts_end() inline_linegraph() list_lengths_min() list_lengths_median() list_lengths_max() list_min_length() list_max_length()

Summary statistic functions


Summary function for skim_df


Create "long" skim output