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The package wordlist file is used to allow custom words which will be added to the dictionary when spell checking. It is stored in inst/WORDLIST in the source package and must contain one word per line in UTF-8 encoded text.


update_wordlist(pkg = ".", vignettes = TRUE, confirm = TRUE)

get_wordlist(pkg = ".")



path to package root directory containing the DESCRIPTION file


check all rmd and rnw files in the pkg root directory (e.g. and package vignettes folder.


show changes and ask confirmation before adding new words to the list


The update_wordlist function runs a full spell check on a package, shows the results, and then prompts to add the found words to the package wordlist. Obviously you should check closely that these legitimate words and not actual spelling errors. It also removes words from the wordlist that no longer appear as spelling errors, either because they have been removed from the documentation or added to the lang dictionary.

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