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Automatically spell-check package description, documentation, and vignettes.


spell_check_package(pkg = ".", vignettes = TRUE, use_wordlist = TRUE)

spell_check_setup(pkg = ".", vignettes = TRUE, lang = "en-US", error = FALSE)



path to package root directory containing the DESCRIPTION file


check all rmd and rnw files in the pkg root directory (e.g. and package vignettes folder.


ignore words in the package WORDLIST file


set Language field in DESCRIPTION e.g. "en-US" or "en-GB". For supporting other languages, see the hunspell vignette.


should CMD check fail if spelling errors are found? Default only prints results.


Parses and checks R manual pages, rmd/rnw vignettes, and text fields in the package DESCRIPTION file.

The preferred spelling language (typically en-GB or en-US) should be specified in the Language field from your package DESCRIPTION. To allow custom words, use the package WORDLIST file which will be added to the dictionary when spell checking. See update_wordlist to automatically populate and update this file.

The spell_check_setup function adds a unit test to your package which automatically runs a spell check on documentation and vignettes during R CMD check if the environment variable NOT_CRAN is set to TRUE. By default this unit test never fails; it merely prints potential spelling errors to the console. If not already done, the spell_check_setup function will add spelling as a Suggests dependency, and a Language field to DESCRIPTION.

Hunspell includes dictionaries for en_US and en_GB by default. Other languages require installation of a custom dictionary, see hunspell for details.

See also

Other spelling: spell_check_files(), wordlist