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Calculate the standardized uptake value (SUV) from a tac object, the participant's weight, and the tracer dose. These values may be in the tac object or manually supplied. The weight must be in kg, and the tracer units must be specified. The dose is converted to MBq, the tac is converted to kBq/cc, and the final SUV units are thus in g/cc. Aside from the tac object, the remaining parameters should be left NULL if the required data is in the tac object attributes (as can be done with batch_load()).


suv(tac, SUV_def, dose = NULL, dose_unit = NULL, weight_kg = NULL,



time-activity curve object (decay-corrected)


vector of start times for window for SUV weighted average, or alternatively, "max" for the maximum ROI SUV value


the injected tracer dose


unit of tracer dose (e.g. "MBq", "kBq", "mCi"...)


the participant's weight in kg


When called from tm_batch, unused parameters may be supplied


table of SUV values

See also

Other SUV functions: tac_suv


f <- system.file("extdata", "AD06.tac", package="tacmagic")
fv <- system.file("extdata", "AD06_TAC.voistat", package="tacmagic")
AD06_tac <- load_tac(f, format="PMOD")
AD06_volume <- load_vol(fv, format="voistat")
AD06 <- tac_roi(tac=AD06_tac, volumes=AD06_volume, ROI_def=roi_ham_pib(),
                merge=FALSE, PVC=FALSE)
# dose and weight are fabricated for the example
AD06_suvmax <- suv(AD06, "max", dose = 9.0, dose_unit = "mCi",
                     weight_kg = 70)
AD06_suv <- suv(AD06, c(3000, 3300, 3600), dose = 9.0, dose_unit = "mCi",
                  weight_kg = 70)