Delete the metadata of records in _targets/meta/meta but keep the return values of targets in _targets/objects/.

tar_invalidate(names, store = targets::tar_config_get("store"))



Names of the targets to remove from the metadata list. You can supply symbols or tidyselect helpers like all_of() and starts_with().


Character of length 1, path to the targets data store. Defaults to tar_config_get("store"), which in turn defaults to _targets/. When you set this argument, the value of tar_config_get("store") is temporarily changed for the current function call. See tar_config_get() and tar_config_set() for details about how to set the data store path persistently for a project.


For patterns recorded in the metadata, all the branches will be invalidated. For patterns no longer in the metadata, branches are left alone.

See also

Other clean: tar_delete(), tar_destroy(), tar_prune()


if (identical(Sys.getenv("TAR_EXAMPLES"), "true")) { tar_dir({ # tar_dir() runs code from a temporary directory. tar_script({ list( tar_target(y1, 1 + 1), tar_target(y2, 1 + 1), tar_target(z, y1 + y2) ) }, ask = FALSE) tar_make() tar_invalidate(starts_with("y")) # Only invalidates y1 and y2. tar_make() # y1 and y2 rebuild but return same values, so z is up to date. }) }